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There are some on earth that know and live this secret. They choose happiness above all else. We would like to point out that a state of mind in your realm does not exist without first choosing that state of mind. You can choose to eat, play, stay home, go out, take a walk, a bath, a shower, buy yourself or another flowers, give a gift to charity, help another, etc. It is our decision to tell you now that you are choosing your fate. You are choosing your life. We in the spirit realm want to see you experience evolution.

The pinnacle of spiritual evolution is happiness.

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When you learn how to amuse yourself living on a rock in the desert without anything but attitude, you will have arrived at nirvana. Well, as usual, The Ones surprised me. We hear so often earth is the realm of free will. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Happiness, a universal conundrum, depends more on your attitude than your circumstance. Uh, err, that did not make me happy! So what is a person to do? How does one finally achieve happiness? Happiness is not something that you get from outside yourself. You create it yourself! This law is The Spiritual Law of Vibration. This law states that you attract what you are. More of that.

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And who wants more of that? The 7 Secrets to Happiness. Choose to believe: Circumstances are temporary, not permanent. Consciousness is YOUR precious possession. Defeat is an attitude, not a situation.

The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler: Revealing the 7 Secrets for Happiness

Rewards are something you give yourself, not something life gives you. Blocks are blessings. They define your road to happiness.

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  • Dear Spirit Guides, how does one become HAPPY no matter what their circumstances in life?.

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