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Soft paternalism is the view that paternalism is justified only if an action to be committed is involuntary. John Stuart Mill gives the example of a person about to walk across a damaged bridge.

We can't tell the person the bridge is damaged as he doesn't speak your language. According to soft paternalism, we would be justified in forcing him to not cross the bridge so we could find out whether he knows about the damage.

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If he knows and wants to jump off the bridge and commit suicide then we should allow him to. Hard paternalists say that at least sometimes we are entitled to prevent him from crossing the bridge and committing suicide. Pure paternalism is paternalism where the person s having their liberty or autonomy taken away are those being protected.

Impure paternalism occurs when the class of people whose liberty or autonomy is violated by some measure is wider than the group of persons thereby protected. Moral paternalism is where paternalism is justified to promote the moral well being of a person s even if their welfare wouldn't improve. For example, it would be argued that someone should be prevented from prostitution even if they make a decent living off it and their health is protected.

A moral paternalist would argue that it is ethical considering prostitution is morally corrupting. Thomas Pogge argues that there are a number of criteria for paternalism. We must sometimes intervene in the lives of others to protect them from grave harms or provide them with important benefits. The reflective person, therefore, needs Some contemporary moralists condemn paternalism categorically. This work examines weaknesses in their arguments and proposes new guidelines for paternalism, which it calls "parentalism" to avoid the patriarchal connotations of the old term.

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Its antiparentalism is more moderate than standard antipaternalism based on an exaggerated respect for autonomy. The work explores implications for both the personal sphere of interactions between individuals, such as friends and family members, and the public sphere of institutions, legislation, and the professional practices. Autonomy in Applied Ethics in Applied Ethics.

Moral Character in Normative Ethics. Business Ethics in Applied Ethics. This article points out how far-reaching the changes in our public life would actually have to be if we wanted to avoid paternalism altogether. For example, the widespread view that only a physician with training at a recognized institution should be allowed to perform surgery or that only an educated lawyer may provide legal council is clearly paternalistic.

In fact, many professional regulations, not just in medicine and law, but also in engineering and many other areas of expertise, have a Moreover, this problem is located in a sphere that is neither clearly private, nor seems to be part of a state-legislated public sphere. Professional organizations are neither governments, nor necessarily democratic, but they are often state-certified and produce binding regulations for issues of public interest.

The author bites the bullet and accepts professional paternalism, while insisting that special care should be placed on how to design an appropriate professional code of conduct.

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