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But there are two things this book lacks.

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First, there are only one or two example sentences per each words. Secondly, there is not much practice problems.

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These two shortages make what's in the book so simple. To describe this book in two words: Too Simple. By Zhengxiu Jin on Aug 26, By Filippo on Dec 25, It is well made, if you do one chapter per day in 15 days your knowledge of english words will improve for sure. Very pleased. By Kunlin on Jan 31, This book which contains of the must have words for somebody studying to pass the TOEFL test is well-laid out with good examples.

400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL®

The TOEFL is a very difficult test, especially for foreign students who have not experienced college-level English vocabulary, let alone understand how these big words can be delineated within sentences that force you to make a comparison to determine which is the most correct answer. This is a useful tool in that it focuses on the most important words to study.

The other more difficult part of the TOEFL test concerns listening to a spoken English sentence and de- termining the meaning. This requires a multi-level understanding of how the English language is translated from the visual to the auditory and the inherent mental gymnastics that must occur with some precision in the cerebrum. By studying this book and the sentence examples, it helps to train the mind to do just that. This book is far from being a panacea to passing the test, but with ardent study, this book will get you over some of the humps to passing this test.

Good luck.. By Connie Shiyu He on Apr 12, By Kimmie on Feb 20, I'm very bad at memorizing vocabulary but it includes reading section using new words so it was very smooth to put new words in my brain. Very good textbook! By Maries on Nov 24, I have been teaching TOEFL prep courses for about 10 years, and I generally do not advocate vocabulary books - except this one.

It has three advantages over most other books. First, it contains many words that students will, in fact, actually see on the toefl reading section.

400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL

Second, it is pretty short, so it's a reasonable amount for a student to learn. Finally, it's cheap.

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As far as the actual words go, the first thing I noticed is that many of the words matched the lists of words that I had been making for many years based on actual TOEFL texts. I am talking about words like fertility agriculture , depict art , accumulate, aggregate various sciences , and so on. The book mirrors the toefl reading section in that it is divided up into academic subjects - everything from agriculture to money - with accompanying lists of words. The lists are pretty short, totally do-able for a weekly quiz. The book also has short passages that show the words in a context in which they might actually appear in a toefl text.

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This is an advantage over other books, which offer only definitions, sentences, or text passages that aren't really toefl-like. I use this book in my TOEFL prep courses because I'm pretty bargain-conscious, and don't want to have the students spending a lot of money on an inferior product. I think this is as good as anything out there, better than most, and therefore is a great value.

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL

I would recommend it as a vocab book for anyone preparing for toefl. By Federico on Oct 14, This book is simple, clear, complete, useful. Gives you a complete list of so common words to enlarge your vocabulary. It is cheaper than many other books and it gives you many words divided in topic's section.

It is a good choice for those students that have to do an English exam to gain the English Proficiency certificate.

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By Elias M on Oct 27, This is a really good book. If your English vocabulary is not quite advanced yet, this book is a must, and the practice in it will give you a super good idea of what the reading section of the TOEFL is like. By Luis Cabrera on Mar 24, The book is an excellent copilation of the most significant and relevant words any person reviewing the any TOEFL edition needs.

No complains about it!! Thanks to the writer for this excellent material. By Ngoc Dao on Oct 31, By Alex Gurzh on Sep 07, Buy this product for member 19 point s. Product Details.

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